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Modern humanity associates its secure future with the development of alternative energy. Efforts of inventors, scientists and engineers are focused on development of green, cost-effective ways of energy production. In March 2014, Solar Systems, LLC joined this market. This company was set up to develop solar power in Russia.

Chinese AMUR SIRIUS POWER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, the founder of Solar System", is an example of successful cooperation between China and Russia in the field of electric power. The governments of both countries are conscious of economic importance of introduction and usage of renewable energy sources (RES), and now for both the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China it is a priority area for development of power sector.

Accessibility, inexhaustibility, environmental friendliness – are main advantages of using solar energy in present-day world.

Solar Systems’ plans for the next three years:

2017 - to construct Geliotechnika Sirius silicon solar panel factory.

2018-2020 - to construct solar parks and to start their operation in five regions of Russia:

The company gained this right after the competitive selection of RES generating facilities construction projects. The results of the competition were announced in 2014-2017.
Russian media about it.

365 MW

The total installed capacity of Solar Systems solar parks.

Committee of Directors

Mikhail Lisianskii Chairman of the Board of Directors

Cui Zhiwei Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mikhail Molchanov Member of the Board of Directors

Tao Zhan Member of the Board of Directors

Vladimir Dikop Member of the Board of Directors

Our Team

Mikhail Molchanov Chief Executive Officer

Vladimir Dikop First deputy CEO

Vlada Krasnopevtseva Deputy CEO - Сommercial Director

Victor Belov Deputy CEO for Construction

Sulkhan Davitadze Deputy CEO for Project Activities


We develop solar energy and make it comprehensible and accessible for Russian consumers.

Solar Systems development strategy includes several key areas.

Long-term Capacity Supply Agreement (DPM)
Government Decree of the Russian Federation No. 449 of May 28, 2013 «On the mechanism for promotion of use of renewable sources of energy at the wholesale market of electric energy and power» defines the mechanism, according to which solar generation investors get guaranteed return on their investments within 15 years (14% for projects, selected before January 1st, 2015, and 12% for projects, selected after). The mechanism is based on the DPM, which implies that suppliers and buyers conclude agency agreements with Financial Settling Center. Concluding the DPM, supplier commits himself to construct and commission new generating facilities, whereas reimbursement of expenditures on generating facilities construction is guaranteed to him by means of increased capacity remuneration. In 2014-2015, there were competitive selections of RES generating facilities construction projects. According to the results of the selection Solar Systems has obligations to commission 365 MW solar parks in 2017-2020. Solar panels market
Production of solar panels on the territory of the Russian Federation is not only a DPM (Long-term Capacity Supply Agreement) conclusion requirement, but also a promising direction for Solar Systems business development. Apart from meeting the needs of the company (solar parks operator), solar panel factory gets an opportunity to sell products to the third parties:
  • DPM participants, which don’t have their own production of solar panels.
  • Retail buyers. At present, the legal framework for renewable energy based generators operation on retail electricity markets is being finished (in terms of determining the pricing mechanism).
  • Isolated regions. Far East (Yakutia) is a priority.
  • CIS, Middle Asia and Eastern Europe.
Isolated consumers power supply
A significant part of the territories of several Russian regions is not covered by centralized power supply. Even regions with developed electrical power system have a certain number of isolated consumers, whose link-up to the system of centralized power supply is not always reasonable.
However, in this case the problem of fuel costs, transportation tariffs and state of environment becomes particularly serious. Implementation of innovative technologies, including those based on usage of solar energy, in many cases is an effective task solution of providing light and heat for isolated consumers. This question is not so much economic as social.
Developing solar energy in the context of supplying isolated areas and consumers, Solar Systems simply brings sunshine into every home.


  • March 2014

    March 11, 2014 – foundation of the "Solar Systems" company

  • July 2014

    RES (CSC) project competition results announcement: "Solar Systems" received 175 MW

  • December 2015

    Summed up competition on selection of projects of RES (PDM): "Solar Systems" has received a 50 MW

  • December 2014

    Selected plot of land, a lease for the construction Staromaryevskoye SES

  • August 2015

    Selected plot of land, a lease for the construction of solar power plants in Samara

  • June 2016

    Produced the organization of a platform to localize production of photovoltaic modules in Podolsk

  • August 2016

    The opening of the Directorate of construction of the Samara solar plant

  • September 2016

    Launched the construction of a Factory solar power plant on the territory of Volodarsky district, Astrakhan region

  • March 2017

    Supply of transformers to the construction site of the Samara SPP 75 MW

  • April 2017

    PV modules first delivery to Zavodskaya SPP construction site

  • June 2017

    RES (CSC) project competition results announcement: "Solar Systems" received 80 MW. According to the results of the selection Solar Systems has obligations to commission 335 MW

  • July 2017

    The Solar power plant "Zavodskaya" of 15 MW was built in Astrakhan region

  • August 2017

    The beginning of works on the construction site of the solar power plant "Promstroimaterialy" (Astrakhan, Narimanov district, village Solyanka)

  • September 2017

    The ceremonial start of the solar power plant "Zavodskaya" of 15 MW

  • March 2018

    PV modules first delivery to SPP "Promstroimaterialy" construction site

  • May 2018

    The ceremonial start of the solar power plant "Promstroimaterialy" of 15 MW

  • June 2018

    PV modules first delivery to Samara SPP construction site

  • September 2018

    The construction of the Samara SPP 25 Mw has been completed

  • February 2019

    The construction of the Samara SPP 25 Mw (2 step) has been completed



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