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THEMATIC REPORTS / "Promstroymateriali" Solar Power Plant

27.02.2018 Indoor switchgear

02.02.2018 Earthwork

30.01.2018 Earthworks

17.01.2018 Earthworks

27.11.2017 Roads at the site

27.11.2017 Piling

16.11.2017 Piling

16.11.2017 Roads at the site

10.11.2017 10:10:00 Рiling

10.11.2017 Roads at the site

25.10.2017 Roads at the site

10.09.2017 Soil compaction

05.09.2017 Earthwork

05.09.2017 Dust export

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THEMATIC REPORTS / Zavodskaya Solar Power Plant

THEMATIC REPORTS / Samara Solar Power Plant

THEMATIC REPORTS / Staromaryevskaya Solar Power Plant

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THEMATIC REPORTS / Peschanaya Solar Power Plant

THEMATIC REPORTS / Oktyabrskaya Solar Power Plant

THEMATIC REPORTS / Business Social Responsibility



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